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S&S Pest Control encapsulation services lower humidity and block pest entryways.

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Seal the infestation highway pests are using to invade your home with S&S Pest Control’s encapsulation services. Our Crawl Space Encapsulations will seal and treat the crawlspace and surrounding areas of your home. These services block the frequent roadways pests use to invade your home, as well as, help control humidity to keep your crawlspace dry and make moisture drawn insects say “bye!”

S&S Pest Control does more than rid your home of pests; we keep them out too by cutting them off at the source. Moisture is one of the top attractants for pests such as roaches, ants, spiders, and more. Encapsulation is the first step in waterproofing and will help in keeping the lowest level of your home dry, even during rainy season.

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S&S Pest Control provides the highest quality encapsulation services for your home and business. We will send an experienced, trusted, and trained S&S Termite and Pest Control employee to your home to perform a methodical and comprehensive examination of your crawlspace and the area surrounding your home. Then, we will tailor our crawlspace encapsulation services to your exact needs depending on our findings.

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